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Next Generation 
Power Semiconductors

Efficient and scalable semiconductor switched-capacitor technology for a green future.


Switched-Capacitor Technology

Power conversions with minimum power loss

Enabling compact implementation of a wide range of switched-capacitor and resonant switched-capacitor topologies

Ultra compact switched-capacitor power stage and driver ICs

WLCSP options for minimal footprint

Patented and patent pending driver technology giving the highest power density achievable

Lower losses for easier thermal management

Advanced capacitor charging technology gives optimum efficiency in a wide range of applications

Power conversions at extreme power density

Sub-mm solution height



Power Modules Background.png

Power modules

Reach the highest achievable power density using our proprietary integrated circuit technology. The low power losses allows for extreme integration without thermal issues.

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SKY CORE_DataCenter.png

Data Centers

Solve your 48 V bus conversion and PoL power delivery needs using cutting edge switched-capacitor power converter topologies - enabled by Skycore's integrated circuit technology.



Skycore's ICs supports power conversion with low EMI and high power density for 48 V systems. Increase reliability and extend EV mileage using highly integrated active battery balancing solutions.

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SKY CORE_SmartDevices.png

Smart Devices

Support the highest power delivery range in the latest USB PD 3.1 standard using our low-profile, high power density converter technology.



Skycore's products are built around our cutting edge high-voltage switched-capacitor power converter technology. Find out how our products can help you implement today's highest performance power converter topologies while minimizing board space, power loss, and bill of materials.






Pere Llimós Muntal


Pere is the Chief Executive Officer and a co-founder of Skycore. He is responsible for the company strategy, the finances, and for nurturing the great culture we have at Skycore. Pere values integrity, curiosity, and clear thinking. He loves to study the philosophy of decision making and to apply it in every aspect of his work.


Dennis Øland Larsen


Dennis is the Chief Technology Officer and a co-founder of Skycore. He is responsible for the  technical direction and long term technology strategy. He manages our growing IP portfolio and roadmap.  He values creativity, open-mindedness, and perseverance. He has a weird affection for the math behind power converter topologies.


Thomas Souvignet

Director of IC design

Thomas is the Director of IC design and a co-founder of Skycore. He ensure an efficient, automated, and organized development of our advanced integrated circuits. He values curiosity, courage, integrity and humility. He is a scripting wizard, and is passionate about French wine and cheese.


Guifré Vendrell Pausas

Head of hardware design & verification

Guifré is the Head of Hardware Design & Verification and a co-founder of Skycore. He is responsible for the electronics hardware design and IC verification, ensuring we can test and qualify our products to meet the toughest standards. He values empathy, willingness to learn and being down to earth. He enjoys playing RPGs and perfecting his sour dough bread.



At Skycore Semiconductors, we focus on engineering power ICs to bring high-voltage energy conversion to a new stage. We combine research, expertise, proprietary technology and an automated workflow to create revolutionary power solutions for an electrified future.

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Skycore's switched-capacitor power converter integrated circuits can deliver high power, are compact, low cost, efficient and scalable.

The patented technology developed at the Technical University of Denmark replaces several expensive electronic components and chips with a single Skycore Semiconductors chip and a few inexpensive ceramic capacitors.


We are a fabless semiconductor design company, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The target of Skycore's power ICs include consumer, data centers, automotive and telecom.

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