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Bringing Down Barriers for the Green Transition

Powering the Future with Innovative Semiconductor Solutions

Microchip being picked up be tweezers

At Skycore Semiconductors, we are revolutionizing high-voltage energy conversion with our advanced power integrated circuits (ICs). Our innovative approach combines extensive research, deep expertise, and proprietary technology to create efficient and scalable power solutions. By automating our workflows, we are setting new standards in the semiconductor industry.

Our patented switched-capacitor power converter ICs deliver high power in a compact and cost-effective format. Developed at the Technical University of Denmark, this technology replaces multiple expensive components with a single, efficient chip and a few ceramic capacitors. This innovation significantly enhances performance and reduces costs, making our solutions ideal for consumer electronics, data centers, automotive, and telecommunications applications.

Operational Excellence

Skycore, a fabless semiconductor design company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, collaborates closely with European research institutions and industry partners to drive energy efficiency and sustainability. We pride ourselves on operational excellence, ensuring that every chip we design meets the highest quality and performance standards.

Our team comprises skilled engineers and experienced professionals, all dedicated to pushing the boundaries of power electronics. By focusing on operational efficiency and leveraging automated processes, we deliver products that exceed client expectations. At Skycore, we are committed to exceptional value and leading the future of power conversion technology.

Two hands working with electronics and several wires


Meet the Founders

Our founders at Skycore Semiconductors bring together a wealth of experience and a shared vision for a sustainable, electrified future. Their combined expertise in semiconductor design and power electronics drives our mission to develop innovative and efficient power solutions. Meet the leaders who are pioneering the next generation of energy conversion technology.


Volaso in the News

Pere Llimós Muntal


Responsible for strategy and finances, he fosters a culture of integrity and clear thinking, applying decision-making philosophy throughout his leadership.

Dennis Øland Larsen


Oversees technical direction and long-term strategy, managing our IP portfolio and roadmap. He values creativity, open-mindedness, and perseverance.

Thomas Souvignet

VP of Engineering

Ensures seamless engineering execution, fostering innovation and efficiency. Values curiosity, courage and integrity, leading the team with technical expertise.

Guifré Vendrell Pausas

Head of Hardware

Responsible for hardware design, product testing, and customer support, ensuring rigorous standards. Values empathy and willingness to learn.

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