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Skycore Semiconductors Presents at PwrSoC 2023 in Hannover

Pere Llimós Muntal, CEO, Skycore Semiconductors, presenting at PwrSoC

We are excited to announce that Skycore Semiconductors is attending and presenting at the PwrSoC 2023 Workshop in Hannover. Our CEO, Pere Llimós Muntal, and VP of Engineering, Thomas, will be sharing insights on our latest developments in power semiconductor applications.

Their presentation will cover advancements in high-voltage switched-capacitor technology and its impact on power efficiency and sustainability. This event is a great opportunity to engage with industry professionals and discuss the future of power semiconductors.

If you are attending the workshop, we encourage you to meet Pere and Thomas, ask questions, and learn more about our innovative solutions. We look forward to connecting with fellow experts and exploring new opportunities in the field.


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